We love flower walls!

We've been creating flower walls since 2013 and since then have become the experts in all things blooming marvelous! We're actually pretty confident we were the first to create and sell flower walls worldwide and are proud to have inspired and industry to be created around such a fabulous thing. 

Our flowers are made from silk or latex (also known as PU or 'Real Touch') and we're not ashamed to say... we are fussy! 

We only use high quality imitation blooms, and for the past 3 years we have been designing, coloring and creating our own florals because we want to create a totally stand out product and only the best in flower walls. We simply don't use low imitation, plastic pieces that lose color or shape within a few months, and this is naturally reflected in the quality and pricing of our backdrops. 

Not mass produced

In addition to our own flowers, we work with multiple manufacturers from all over China to ensure we source the best flowers around, and this is what sets us apart from other flower wall producers - we are not a factory. We know, your first instinct to this statement is probably 'That's why you're more expensive than Alibaba', but let us explain, we think this works to our advantage as it means we don't have a limited color and flower/material type, nor do we use low skilled workers to create the walls, it is all done in house by our experienced small team in Shanghai in our gorgeous workshop.

There is a very good chance the the people you speak with or email are the same people creating your walls, and we genuinely put thought, effort and real skill into each wall. Like a child leaving home, we also love to see how our walls around the world are doing via our clients social media and emails to us about how well received the backdrop has been. 

We source blooms from over 16 different manufacturers in addition to our own productions that we like and trust - meaning no cheap replacements or disappointment. We are open and honest and always strive to work with clients for the best wall for their budget. We don't make bold statements such as 'high end' or 'luxury' without meaning it. We know those phrases get bounded around a lot, but we can't help but feel you can't claim that if you mass produce flower walls in a factory.


Our flower walls are not free standing, but come in flexible plastic mesh panels of 40cm x 60cm that you clip to your frame and then to each other. This system is not unique to us, but our panels are made to our specifications meaning they are stronger and more durable than your average other flower wall supplier. 

The benefit of this system is that it is easy to transport and store as they are in small pieces rather than large blocks, and this also means that you can custom size your flower wall to any combination the panels allow. 

For example, if you have a 2.4m x 2.4m flower wall, that is 24 panels. With those 24 panels you can also make two walls of 1.2, x 2.4m, one wall at 1.8m x 2.4, or one long wall at 0.4m x 14.4m. You can be as creative with how you use them as you like!

Each flower wall panel design is hand made to order meaning an 18 panel plus wall will take 3 - 4 weeks on average to dispatch after payment is received. If you need your wall faster, please email us before purchasing and we can talk through rush fees and express shipping.


What size can we make your flower wall? That's a how long is a piece of string question! 

We can custom make to any size, but as this is an infinite number, we have decided to sell only our three most popular sizes on our website for instant purchase. Those sizes are:

1.8m wide by 2.4m tall (approximately 6ft x 8ft)

2.4m wide by 2.4m tall (approximately 8ft x 8ft)

3.0m wide by 2.4m tall (approximately 10ft x 8ft)

It is very easy for us to create a wall of any size, simply email us with the design and size you need and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.  

Our sizes reflect the total surface area of the flower wall, made up by 60cm x 40cm panels, so please let us know the total surface area and dimensions of the backdrop needed. 

We work in the metric system but are happy to receive quotation requests in imperial measurements, we will however always default to metric for invoicing! 


Putting up the flower wall couldn't be easier. In our workshop, we can construct a 2.4m x 2.4m flower wall in under 10 minutes. Of course, we do it a lot! But with some practice, it can be a very quick process. 

The pieces simply fit together like a big jigsaw. We start at the top corner, clip the panel to the frame, then move to the next panel along, clip and cable tie it to the the frame and to the panel next to it, and repeat. It's that easy! We do provide a PDF construction guide with orders.  

Here is a time lapse filmed by us of just how easy it is to put up a flower wall using the panel method. 


We don't include a frame in the price of the flower wall, as not every customer needs one, and how our clients use the panels can vary greatly. Every order is truly different, so the frame type needed can vary from event to event.

Generally we recommend one of two types of frame - a telescopic pipe frame, and a truss. 

You can purchase a telescopic pipe frame here but we really only recommend this frame for small, indoor backdrops. Please be sure to make yourself aware of how you plan to use the flower wall before purchasing a frame. The benefit of this frame is that it can easily be set up, transported and perfect for a flower wall company just starting out. But for larger or out door flower walls, we recommend a truss.

We prefer to use a truss (a truss is a strong, aluminium 3D structure connected together with bolts, popular at trade shows, events, large weddings and used for backdrops, light rigging and frame work - as seen above). 

We don't sell trusses as they are heavy to transport and we aren't experts in this field! If you are interested in purchasing a truss, we definitely recommend speaking directly to a vendor and explaining what you want to create and they can recommend options to you. 

Despite looking heavy and hard to put up, they are lightweight but more bulky to transport, and you definitely need two or more people to construct it. As they are 3D, you can create a 3D effect to your wall with side panels, and have a more secure structure. 

You can also hire trusses from event and expo companies in your area. As we have customers all over the globe, we don't have any information on specific vendors or hire companies. 


The correct choice of frame and it's subsequent installation is down to the customer and we cannot be held responsible for the incorrect and or insecure set up of any flower wall, if you have any questions please contact us or your event professional. 


Once you receive your flower wall, ruffle the flowers through your hands to bring them back to life and make the petals stand to attention. As our flowers are mainly silk, you can keep your wall clean with a simple feather duster or purchase dedicated silk flower sprays, available at retailers such as Amazon. 

Be careful not to get your wall wet and store it in a damp free space away from direct sunlight. 

Whilst our walls are durable, to ensure you can reuse the wall to it's maximum capabilities, please take care not to handle roughly during transport, put up and take down. 


We were probably one of the first companies to create floral backdrops to sell overseas, and we've stuck to our company ethos of 'quality first' and not creating lower end pieces. We only send out floral backdrops that we would want to use at our own events and really are sticklers for detail, design, coloring and quality. 

Being based in China means we are also privy to some other designs created by companies, and we've blogged extensively about the difference between a The Flower Wall Company backdrop and others available. As mentioned above, not being a factory gives us the advantage of using multiple types of flowers, in different shades and materials. Being an international team also means we have experience in designing and developing a higher quality design and commitment to our customers. 

On average per panel we use around 100 - 130 blooms depending on the design, and work hard on our designs to ensure no gaping or florals that lose their shape.

To distinguish our walls from others on the market, you can look to the shading and quality of the flowers, as well as the backing panel material used and design lay out. When we say we work to create our own blooms, we mean it. 

Flower walls we don't create appear like this:


You can find these walls on Alibaba, and you may be wondering why we would tell you where you can purchase other flower walls, but our belief is that the difference in our flower walls to what is available on Alibaba is so great that you can't compare. Be wary of images used on Alibaba - we've blogged extensively about our images are used to promote their products and the reality of what you receive is very different. 



The above images are Alibaba direct purchase flower walls, including some attempts to copy one our of vintage designs and whilst the term luxury is quite relative, we certainly don't create walls to the above standard and wouldn't describe them as such. 

We provide samples of all our flower walls for a small fee of 135USD, which can be purchased directly on our website or contact us for more information.


Whilst flattered so many companies are using inspiration from us, we'd like to define who we are as company and what separates The Flower Wall Company from others, and to clarify what we create to our customers who have become confused with other similar sounding named businesses out there.

One of the dangers of a competitor using a similar-sounding name is that people think either they’re us, we’re the same business, or we are somehow linked. 
Not only do we risk people who would have been our customers accidentally believing they are purchasing from us, but our belief is that they don’t offer the same high standard of products, and that could reflect badly on us too. 

Despite inspiration from our floral backdrop designs, as well as descriptive language and wording from our website and social media posts, please note, we are not associated with: 

The London Flower Wall Company (Based in the UK)

The Little Flower Wall Company (Based in the UK)

Little Flower Wall Company (Based in Australia)

The Flower Wall Company Toronto (Based in Canada)

We do not provide flower walls or flowers to these companies nor buy from them, we focus on high end walls and do not resell mass produced pieces. 

We do not believe our flower walls can be compared to the products offered by the above companies. 

To view our own designs, please visit our Instagram page where we occasionally repost some of the stunning images from our customers. With The Flower Wall Company floral backdrops in 5 continents, it can be easier than you think to contact a rental stockist!